Why a Cyber Security Degree is a Smart Choice


Technology may be a double-edged sword for many businesses across the developed world. As more and more of business begins to move online, and more and more data, customer data, is being processed on computer networks, more and more companies are becoming victims of cyber crime.

Purpose of a cyber security degree

Think about it. All of this information is out there on these computer networks which are often connected to the internet, and this information is what’s tying together many national and international corporations. This is a fragile network, and the world is full of hackers.

Why Cyber Experts are in High Demand Among US Companies

Cyber crime is on the rise, and that means the demand for professionals in cyber security are on the rise right with it. More and more personal information is being stored online, and that information is often at risk of a cyber attack.

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If you’re a tech-y person and you are looking for a good degree to land a decent paying job that’s in demand, a cyber security program may be right for you.

Why Exactly Are Companies More At Risk?

The cyber security job market is expected to be growing at higher rate than many of its other IT counterparts. According to the US Department of Labor, internetsecurity is the fasted growing fields, with an anticipated 37% increase in the market through 2022.

Why such a high demand in the world today?

Well, we’re in the age of big data.

But the fact is, with new “cloud” data systems being utilized by businesses and corporations, this “secure” data is often more at risk than it ever has been. These information networks are attractive targets for high-skilled hackers, and that means businesses across the world are taking a new look at their cybersecurity status.

Cloud data should be kept secure.

Hiring high-skilled internet security professionals is a way that these companies can protect themselves against hackers and protect the framework of their businesses. Having these skills at work in a company means having someone who is able to take preventative measures against threats, investigate data breaches to obtain evidence and maintain any systems designed to protect data.

It’s possible to get a good job with a bachelors degree, but many of the higher paying positions look for individuals with a masters degree or higher. Entry level positions may include information security analyst, security analyst, security engineer, security software developer or security architect.

So, what exactly does a cyber security expert do?

If you were to take a position in this field, your day would most likely be spent in an office setting. Your job is usually to play a role in staying on top of information security, performing any of the following functions:

  • Monitoring for threats and breaches
  • Investigating breaches which occur
  • Installing and maintaining security software
  • Writing reports on security activities
  • Advisor on security enhancements and protocol
  • Training users and employees

What will I get paid?

The median salary for employees in the cybersecurity field was $86,170. The higher the degree you get, the more likely you may receive a leadership position or higher paying job.

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