What is Internet Security?

In the modern world of the internet and digital business, internet security becomes more and more important every day.

On the topic of internet security, Increasingly, our transactions, banking, shopping, social lives, and business are going online, and that means all of that information is susceptible to hacking or compromise.

Identity theft becomes a more and more common problem every day, and often the entire infrastructure of our business can be at risk.

Luckily, Cyber Security is also a growing field. In response to these new digital threats, the new world of Cyber Security aims to minimize those threats and keep people’s information safe.

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) defines cyber security:

The activity or process, ability or capability, or state whereby information and communications systems and the information contained therein are protected from and/or defended against damage, unauthorized use or modification, or exploitation.

Internet security aims to take on the world of mobile phones, tablets, computers, networks, data, and programs and make sure they are secure and safe in the hands of the people who own them.

Identity and information compromise is a huge risk to our social, financial and personal lives, and the world of Cyber Security is there to help.

Why Should Cybersecurity Matter to Me?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have some sensitive information out there in the world of the internet. You’ve probably bought something online, entered your social security information somewhere, or you’ve put important and profitable intellectual property out there in the open.

As more and more of our lives go online, there are more and more opportunities for criminals to take advantage of this.

Right along with the increase in technical knowledge in the general population comes an increase in technical knowledge for hackers and thieves.

The rate of online crime continuously grows as these hackers become more sophisticated in their ability to access information illegally.

Read here how to become a cybersecurity specialist.

In order to keep you, your family and your finances safe, you should pay attention to how hacking and online threats work.

There are two main things to worry about: threats and attacks. Threats are vulnerabilities and the potential for an attack, while attacks are the actual execution of those threats.


71%do online purchase through their credit card or paypal account.

28%however have never changed their password. A strong password is vital.

 What Tools Do Hackers Use?

There are many different ways in which hackers can compromise and steal your information. The tools are always changing, but if you keep up with what the threats are and make sure you are guarded against them, you will be much less susceptible to an attack. Hackers spend a lot of time creating backdoors and illegal ways to access your information.

once the system is set up, it can take only 1.22 minutes to actually execute the threat.

Here are a few of the potential ways hackers can attack your information:

  1. Phishing
    This method is executed by deceiving websites and pop-ups which trick people into providing their sensitive information.
  2. Spoofing
    This method tricks people into entering data by faking the sending address of a transmission.
  3. Denial of Service
    This form of attack prevents the authorized use of information system resources or services.
  4. Trojan Horse
    This is a computer program which appears to be useful but has a malicious function once used. Often, the victim will be tricked into granting it access to security mechanisms and compromises them.
  5. Malware
    Malware is software that is designed to perform an unauthorized function.

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Internet security compromised by phishing

What is the Goal of Hackers?

Typically, hackers aim to steal individual’s identity and intellectual property.



Identity Theft happens when you:

  • Download files/software
  • Open emails and attachments
  • Click on malicious pop-ups and advertisements
  • Visit malicious websites

It’s easy to spot a phishing scam or email in your inbox, below tutorial from McAfee shows the tips and tricks to recognize them.

There are a number of steps you can take if you act quickly that may limit the damage done by an identity theft incident:

  1. Call the authorities and report the problem
  2. Contact your bank immediately and warn them of the theft
  3. Place an initial fraud report
  4. Order credit reports

It is very important that you act immediately as soon as you think your system may have been hacked into. The longer you wait to respond, the more damage that may be done.

Intellectual Property Theft:

Another common form of internet crime is the theft of intellectual property. Intellectual property theft is the number one cause of financial and economic losses.

Network Security Associates Degree

The problem is so bad that it’s likely to result in economic losses of advanced countries for decades.


Here are four types of theft in this area:

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Trade Secrets
  4. Copyrights

The best way to protect I.P. is to use encryption. If you suspect that you or your organization has fallen victim of intellectual property theft in any way, you should act quickly. I.P. lawyers are your best resource to fight back against this form of theft and regain your property and profits.

cyber security and Homeland SecurityA growing number of attacks threaten our cyber network and is becoming a serious economic hazard.There are some important ways to protect yourself and others from these cyber security incidents. Network and cyber breaches can be reported on the website of Homeland Security. Use the below link to report phishing and cyber incidents: http://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/report-cyber-incidents

There are Many Threats Out There, So Learn to Protect Yourself

You, your family and your company can easily fall victim to cyber security threats. Without taking into account the possibilities of your data and sensitive information being stolen, you can leave yourself vulnerable to an attack.

Luckily, there are many protections being developed that can limit your risk of compromise. It is absolutely imperative that you take these solutions in mind and use them to protect your property and information.

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cyber security antivirus download
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