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    Reviewing Thesis and essay writing service.

    Essay Gator provides essay writing services over the internet. The target customer base for such services is students in school or college who need help with their assignments or exams.

    Students can find writers on Essay Gator who specialize in several different academic subjects. Some of which include Mathematics, English, Science, and History.

    You can narrow down the topic into more specific subjects too. Aside from that, you can choose which type of essay you want to have written (e.g. dedication essay, comparison essay, etc.).

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    Despite the name of the website, Essay Gator’s writers can do more than just essay writing. They can also write case studies, dissertations, coursework, homework, research papers, thesis papers, book reporters, literature review, and MBA reports. Many students like to think of these writing services as mere help for their academic assignments.

    To get started, a customer simply needs to go to and click the green “New Order” button at the top of the page.

    They will be brought to a new page where they’ll be asked to enter their email address, course subject, deadline for the paper, and the number of pages needed. After they click “Continue,” the customer will be brought to a new page where they get to choose the expert writer to take on their assignment.

    Essay Gator does not have their own personal staff of writers. Instead, they allow professional people from around the world to sign up as freelancer writers on their website. These can be writers who hold master’s degrees and Ph.D. degrees in various subjects. The more credentials they have in a particular subject, the more attractive they will look to customers who need an essay writer for that subject.

    Like any freelance-type website, customers get to choose which writers they want to hire. Each writer will have their own profile which includes a star rating, personal photo, number of orders completed, number of reviews, response time, and their area of expertise. The customer must review all the writers presented to them on the screen and pick the best one. All they need to do is click the “Hire Me” button to get the hiring process started.

    Once a writer is chosen, the next step will be to process the payment. Essay Gator accepts PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, or debit card as payment methods. If the system verifies the payment has been successfully processed, then the writer will need to begin the paper. They’ll have until the deadline date to complete it. After the paper is completed, they will upload it to the website for you to download. You will have your chance to leave them a review on it.

    What to Expect

    The most difficult thing about using this service is to find the right writer for your paper. If there is someone who misrepresents themselves or their credentials, then you’ll never really know until you see their completed work.

    Essay Gator is very strict when it comes to their refund policy, so it is difficult to request a refund if you find the work to be insufficient or low-quality. The best you can do is leave that writer a negative review.

    There are always risks involved with a service like this, especially if it’s a graded assignment that could affect your academic future. Sometimes there are writers who might give you high-quality and well-researched papers while other times, you might get a plagiarized paper.

    If you unknowingly turn in a plagiarized paper to your teacher, you will surely be surprised when they come back and give you an “F” on it.

    For this reason, it is recommended that you run all academic papers through a plagiarism detector like Copyscape. This will be the only way to know if the content was copied from another source or not.

    But even if it turns out not to be plagiarized, you should still review the content anyway. You’ll want to be sure it is good content without any grammatical or spelling mistakes.


    Remember that the whole purpose of using Essay Gator writing services is to get help with your academic assignments. This is not supposed to be done for merely the sake of cheating.

    If you’re having trouble in a subject or you need to get a paper done quickly because you don’t have time to do it yourself, then these would be appropriate circumstances for using Essay Gator. But if your plan is to just hire writers to do all your academic assignments while you sit back and do nothing, then you will be disappointed.

    It is important that you read all the content that you have written for you. This is the best way to learn about the subject and to bring clarity to the areas that you have difficulty understanding. It will also help you prepare for exams too.


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