Internet Security Measures Going Through a Revolution

Cybersecurity awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness: What you must know

Did you know that October for a long time has been the National Cyber Security Awareness Month? There will be more cybersecurity awareness throughout the month of October. If this awareness engendered this month becomes a norm, it will reduce cybercrime.

Thinking Outside the Conventional Security Measures

If you’re pre-emptive against cybersecurity threats on a daily basis, it is very difficult to get attacked. There are several traditional security measures available like using a strong password, using different passwords for each platform, and also avoiding unrestricted Wi-Fi. As much as these methods are very important, they are other robust ways to avoid any compromise.

For instance, you can analyze where possible risk in your company may arise from by asking these simple questions:

  1. Where do I lose data?
  2. Do I have important data? (For example, personal financial information).
  3. Where is the risky and sensitive data?

These questions will help you protect the important data. That way, you will be able to protect them in case of any cyber attack. We have so many sensors that monitor any form of cybersecurity hazard for our corporate clients 24/7.

Numbers Display the Feasibility of an attack

Numbers are very helpful when it comes to dealing with a cyber attack. You will understand this better with the internet security statistical figures from Edge. This was compiled from 1st of January this year.

Interrupted Incoming Connections Through Edge Technology Group Global Latency 251,648 deterred attempts to use publicly sided services in a mischievous way.
Website cleaning of the whole Edge Tech. Group UK Client core Base Out 640 million requests to access the website, 9 million was blocked for being a potential cyber attack.
Mimecast Rejected e-mail Edge Tech UK office From the 255,000 emails, 31,141 were rejected as dangerous or spam. This number represents 12 percent.

From the record, it is obvious that a cyber attack is on the rise and we are still some days to the end of the year. Most people are always interested in getting a valid antivirus or data damage or loss blockage. Your concern, frankly, should be how to pinpoint the cyber risk that you want to guard against.

Find out what the difficulties and distresses are and get the best cybersec solution. Sometimes the solution is just by the corner, but you may not know. They are so many websites that proffer solution for cyberattack in details. Our favorite two are;

  1. SANS
  2. HOT FOR SECURITY (powered by Bitdefender)

Cybersecurity with Edge

  • Cybersecurity consciousness with Edge creates an opportunity to audit and also process the volume and data you use. We will also show you a comprehensive report that gives you an idea of the vulnerabilities. You might be surprised by our findings because it will be somewhat revealing.

If you want to know more about how to obtain a cybersecurity risk analysis for your company, connect with Edge. And arrange for an appointment immediately.

Don’t take cybersecurity awareness for granted. It requires a 24/7 commitment. Those who perpetuate several cyber attacks don’t relent. They are ready to go to any length to achieve their aim. So make cybersecurity a priority.


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