How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any


Written by Erik Wecks; How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any diverges from numerous personal finance guides, as it was written specifically for Americans that find it difficult to manage moneywise during the month.

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This book was completely updated in April of 2015 and offers a deferential, straightforward insight at the problematic realism faced in this modern economy, also included in this book is a simple to understand the method that leads to improved financial stability, which is sure to provide optimism to anyone including extremely financially handicapped households.

Developed by an expert on finance that hasn’t become rich, How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have ANY provides a personal story of surviving financially in the advent of tough times.

Instead of focusing on creating wealth, How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any shows readers, the way to exist and thrive on their income regardless of its size.

Rich with content, personal and free of terminology, this book is at moments humorous and dogmatic, containing today’s references that make it a fast read which appeals to the regular readers looking to live on their income.

When the book was first being written in the fall of 2011, it was to write a book of personal finance for people that struggled with monetary expenses over the course of a month.

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At that moment, the United States unemployment rate had only started to decrease. It would require three years’ worth of steady job growth to take the economy back to normal levels.


how to manage your money back 5Also, real unemployment rates were most likely higher than announced, as governmental unemployment rates only include those that were actively searching for work. An unidentified number of extra workers had stopped searching for work.

The federal Bureau of Labour Statistic at the time estimated about 66% of males of working age were employed. The fact is the number of working-age males had been steadily declining over the decades before it was then pushed off a cliff by the recession in 2008.



For those that became unfortunately unemployed, it required about 40 weeks to become employed again. A few unemployment rates long term were the same or even worse than the numbers seen during the 1930’s Great Depression.

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In the winter of 2015, the rate of unemployment fell greatly. More fascinatingly, the participation rate of the labor market continued to decrease as well.

At this moment it is a little below 63%. This number is one that divides as to the reason for the continual drop of levels. Nevertheless, it is safe to state that, overall things seem a bit better, whilst it is a different version of better economically.

how to manage your money back

For many individuals, they require two jobs just to be able to survive. There are cases of 24-year-olds still residing with their parents whilst working part-time in hopes to pay off student debts.

How do you define the problem? It could seem simple to pull off a writer’s trick by telling what is referred to as an Eden story.

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