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    We are always seeking great writers, specialists and creative minds to write for us.

    We would love to see you share your insight, intellect and real practical, of the field experiences that stimulate and educate our readers. Let your expert analysis bring a fresh perspective to our readers. Be bold, have an opinion, write pieces that can be punchy, and write readable articles that make strong arguments.

    Conventional wisdom doesn’t necessarily have to be cherished.

    What are we looking for?

    We are looking for smart, articulate and insightful articles with the purpose to inform, entertain and encourage.

    Here are a few tips for making your articles rise to the top:

    Always think about the reader. Your article should speak to a wide range of people from all walks of life, profession and interest. That means your article should be engaging, compelling, move beyond the stigma, and make a broader point. Use vivid examples if you can and feel free to refer to your sources. Talk about your personal experience, talk about your profession, your education, your expectations, your highs, and lows. Why did you or didn’t you make it in a certain position or profession.

    Write what you know

    Tell us something others can not do. be a pioneer and give your article a spin. Be either controversial from your own experience or be informative to teach our readers. You can write about technical solutions, a tutorial, a breaking news about career, companies, tech. Or how to make money as a student or how to find a part-time job.

    We are interested in:

    • How to guides
    • News articles
    • Case studies
    • Opinion articles
    • B2B solutions and reviews of them
    • Advice for businesses
    • IT solutions for B2B or B2C
    • Malware/ internet security solutions
    • IOS and Android solutions, apps etc.

    Write clearly

    Your piece should be enjoyable. don’t write an academic thesis. But you may write about an academic thesis and highlight its purpose, offer critique or just support it. Jargons and acronyms are usually not welcomed and most of the time confuse readers.

    Use examples that move.

    How long should your guest post be

    There is no actual limit but post between 1000 to 3000 words do best. Make it as long as it should be. A shorter post is just not detailed enough.

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