Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships

Debt Free U

This is definitely a book that can save almost anyone over $100,000.

In these modern times, the majority of people adopt the thinking that one has to pay through the nose to get a college education that is of the highest quality.

Consequently, students and conversely, their parents seem ever willing to gain years long worth of debt and possibly damage their whole financial lives and futures, all so there can be a fancy or highly respected name at the top of the diploma.

However, Zac Bissonnette has proved that this theory is extremely wrong, as he is living proof, but that this theory is also a dangerous class scam created to take scam you and make sure the student is consigned to a life of a postgraduate that is themed by near poverty.

Using his outstandingly unique viewpoint as a personal finance expert, currently employed at Daily Finance, and also as a current University of Massachusetts senior, he was able to understand how to gain a great education at a public university whilst not having to incur large loans or in turn bankrupt his family.

Emboldened with his private know-how, the most recent information, and intelligent analysis, He is able to take on the most untouchable establishments of higher education.

Zac is able to show why the majority of orthodox thinking about selecting and paying for college is not just incorrect but also dangerous to both parents and children’s future finance.

You’re bound to find out, for example, that:

  • Student loans should not be a necessary evil. Regula middle-class households can and should seek ways to evade them, even with the absence of scholarships.
  • The rankings of colleges are baseless, as they are only created to generate hype and sell magazines. For an individual that chooses to put total trust in the guides when selecting a college, they are about to possibly face a financial catastrophe.
  • Elite programs for graduates tend to accept many people holding bachelor degrees that are deemed “nonelite”. The same is true for the US’s most discerning employers. This just goes to show that the name on the diploma, is unlikely to help a student earn a lot more money or carve out a career of greater success.

Zac Bissonnette is able to prove true every single one of these extremely bold declarations, whilst also proving, even more, when it comes to selecting an education of high quality that doesn’t break the bank and lead the student into a life of financial ruin and bankrupt the parents.

It really does not matter the current financial situations being faced by the reader or parents, Zac has an extremely unassuming message directed to parents worrying about how to fund the education of their child or children, in a smart way: “RELAX!! Your children are able to have a champagne education whilst living on a beer budget!”


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