Cybersecurity Salary Range


Cyber security is the preventative measures taken to safeguard data and information from being compromised, stolen, or attacked.

According to DICE, an IT job board, a top salary in IT security goes to security software engineers that earn an average $233,333 annually

IDC also predicted that by 2018, 75% of chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief security officers (CSO) will no more report directly to the CIO but the CEO. Their report also predicted that by the time the positions of CISO move to C-suite alongside chief operating officers and chief financial officers, some security officers will earn as much as a half-million dollar on average yearly. 

Veronica Mollica, an information security recruiter at Indigo Partners, Inc., expressed that the job market of cybersecurity is on fire. Salaries are increasing at an average of 30% annually, and employers are facing the challenge of retaining their talented cybersecurity staffs.



The Annual Security Report of Cisco for 2014 warned that even as data breaches and cyber-attacks increase yearly, there is a 1 million worldwide shortage of internet security professionals.

The report further reveals that there are more than 209,000 vacant cybersecurity positions in the United States. A CNBC story quoted a Rand Corporation research that estimated that the Globe has just 1,000 internet security experts to fill about 10,000 to 30,000 leading cybersecurity positions.

DICE report estimated current IT security salary to be:

  • $165,000 for application security manager
  • $170,000 for cyber security engineer
  • $174,375 for lead security engineer
  • $175,000 for cyber security lead
  • $178,333 for director of security
  • $192,500 for chief information security officer 
  • $198,900 for IT security consultant
  • $200,000 for global information security director
  • $225,000 for chief security officer
  • $233,333 for lead software security engineer

Also, according to SilverBull, the top six United States metros for CISO salaries are:

  • San Francisco, Calif. with a yearly CISO salary range of $154,000 to $380,000 and an average of $249,000.
  • San Jose, Calif. with an annual CISO salary range of $149,000 to $368,000 and an average of $240,000
  • New York City, N.Y. with a yearly CISO salary range of $149,000 to $367,000 and an average of $240,000
  • Washington, D.C. with an annual CISO salary range of $139,000 to $334,000 and an average of $225,000
  • Los Angeles, Calif. with an annual CISO salary range of $138,000 to $341,000 and an average of $233,000
  • Chicago, Ill. with an annual CISO salary range of $132,000 to $328,000 and an average of $214,000



CISOs at multinational corporations as well as founders of successful internet security firms are also expected to peak $500,000 or more in annual income. 
Various data makes parents want to send their kids to a cyber-security school.

According to U.S. News and World Report, cyber security analyst ranks eighth on the list of 2015 best jobs. The profession is said to be growing at the rate of 35.6% through 2022.

On average, salaries are $120,460 in New York City, $142,200 in Sacramento, $112,320 in San Francisco, and $91,210 in the United States incoming college freshmen have many options to choose from, ranging from community colleges to bachelor’s degree and master’cybersecurityiversities.

Even an ambitious worker thinking about a next move forward can cross to cyber security. The data on cyber security salary prove that cybersecurity certifications are worth it.

Stats on Cyber Security Age and Gender

The world now sees some professions gear towards a particular gender and age group. On average, in the United States, a cyber-security analyst is 38 years old. Also, the United States has the male occupy 49% of cybersecurity jobs while the females occupy 51% of cybersecurity positions.


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