Cyber security report published by Andrew Rogoyski


CNBC interviewed Andrew Rogoyski from CGI regarding the Cyber-Value Connection report which was a distribution of CGI.

He is the Vice President of internet security at this firm. The examination, directed by Oxford Economics, investigates the effect of a digital breach on any organization’s value.

The Cyber-Value Connection, demonstrates that a ‘serious’ breach on digital security embarks a lasting expense for companies.

This may add up to 1.8% of the value of this company, relative to familiar companies in the same sector. What does this actually mean?

How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist

For most of the FTSE 100 firms, this is equal to a huge loss of market value of US$140 million, flagging a critical loss of significant worth for investors.

The meeting wat CNBC was led somewhere around April 2017.

And investigates the key subjects of this report and how an organization can moderate the current digital hazard.

You are free to Download the pdf of this Cybersecurity-Value Connection article official outline.

Read and download a duplicate of this comprehensive report in PDF.

View our infographic of the main and important discoveries.


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