Can iPhones get viruses? How to clean viruses from iPhone

Can you get a virus on your iphone? We will cover some ideas how to find out if your iphone is infected and how to remove viruses and malware.

It is rare to see an iOS get infected, but let’s be frank, iPhones can get infected. But we will show you how to get rid of a virus on your iPhone. First, you should check your iPhone for virus infection. And you are most likely to see in-app advertising to behave shady, trying to redirect you to even shadier “virus removing” app. iOS architecture is designed to prevent apps to communicate with each other. Basically every app is running on its own. So this restriction of communication between apps prevents viruses to communicate with other apps and steal the data.

Does my iPhone have a virus

We will cover some key points in this article to find out if your phone has in-app purchases causing higher bills. First of all, you will need to find out if your smartphone is infected, secondly, we will discuss the available options. But in any case, a strangely acting iPhone can indicate that there are apps running in the background on your iPhone.

How to know if your iPhone has a virus?

These days, smartphone devices have also become vulnerable to virus and malware like your PC. The reason is simply that malware is used to retrieve private information and data from a smartphone user. Most iPhone users store a lot of personal information on their device.

So the need to keep these personal details safe has become necessary. Imagine what a dreadful hacker can do with such information like personal messages, financial details, etc.

Regrettably, some iPhone users have had their personal information hacked without knowing it. If you don’t detect the presence of a virus quickly, you risk losing all your data. You mustn’t be a tech geek to find out these symptoms. However, there are a few symptoms that will let you know if your iPhone has a virus. As you keep reading, you will also learn how to get rid of a virus on your iPhone.

Data Usage Iphone

When your data starts reducing rapidly, then you know something is wrong somewhere. Reducing data usage on IPhone becomes priority in this case. The first thing that should come to mind is to find out if your WiFi is switched on. Once this is ruled out, check if any of your apps are being updated.

If these tests are negative, then it’s a sign that your iPhone has a virus. A virus runs in the background and it also makes use of your data. Sometimes the data start depleting gradually and after a while, it’s usage increases rapidly.

This will cost you so much money, especially if you are not using an unlimited data plan. The virus will waste all your data and you will be forced to buy extra data to access the internet.

Crashing apps on iPhone

If you discover that apps on your iPhone are suddenly crashing, it could be due to some factors. In most cases, if you don’t update your apps after expiration, it could lead to the app crashing. Assuming that’s not the case, then, it will be as a result of the presence of a virus.

The most dangerous virus always tempers with the operations of apps on the iPhone. This explains why the app will suddenly crash without any notice.

Pop up ads

So many apps and websites allow pop-up ads. It becomes a thing of concern if these pop-ups start appearing all the time. If you notice this, don’t click on the links.

Pop-up ads that carry the virus are designed to cripple the functionality of your device.

Mysterious bank charges

Ads popping up and apps crashing can be quite annoying. But mysterious billing is frustrating? A virus can trigger unnecessary billing from your bank account or your cellular network.

iPhone trojan virus

Tip: Remove Unwanted apps

One of the most prominent viruses that can download apps without your consent is Trojans. As soon as you see any app that looks familiar, but was not downloaded by you, then you should know that something is fishy.

The first remedy is to quickly delete the app.

iPhone battery life

If you notice that your iPhone battery runs down faster than usual resulting in constant low batteries, Well, a virus may just be lurking in the background casing an iPhone battery drain.

Malware on Iphone

Malware always wants to leave your iPhone exhausted.

Mind you, the symptoms for iPhones and Android devices are similar. However, the treatment for both may have different approaches. One of such treatment methods involves deleting suspicious apps on your iPhone or installing an anti-virus.

Don’t take these symptoms for granted as they could end up ruining your device. A virus won’t just go away on its own, you must act quickly.

Remedies to reduce the risk of a virus on your iPhone

The first question that pops up is how to remove a virus from your iPhone. The iPhone has so many good security apps. These apps focus mainly on protecting your privacy more. The truth remains that the best way to stay clear from a virus on your iPhone is to stick to the Apple App Store. If you stick to the Apple App Store, then the only way a virus can into your iPhone is if a person jailbreaks your device. That is the only way you can install a third party app on your iPhone.

Keep your device in check to avoid any virus attack. Always install an update immediately it’s available. Finally, don’t jailbreak your iPhone.

How to clean viruses from iphone

Having known the various symptoms that may indicate the presence of a virus, here is how to quickly get rid of them.

  1. Back up your device with iCloud.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset
  3. Press the “Erase All Content and Settings” to remove all the apps and data on your iPhone.
  4. Restart your iPhone device.
  5. Log in to iCloud to restore your backed data.
  6. You can download the apps again from the Apple App Store.

Just follow these simple steps and save yourself some money. This is most likely what an Apple specialist will do.

We would like to hear from you about your experience with viruses or malware on your iPhone. Please leave your comments below.


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