Book Review: The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide to Having Luxurious Credit

The ultimate credit repair guide

To have a luxurious credit, there are tested and trusted advice you can follow at any point in time while walking the path to financial success.

Like any other American, Arnita has gotten the hang of that retaining a low credit can compromise a man’s means of living. And believe me, she is so correct.

Her problem came up when a credit of $2,500 skyrocketed into unpaid 25 credit cards. From there, it moved to irresponsible spending and headstrong debts. On the long run, it cost her job and she was on the brink of marrying the future of her finances.

When Arnita’s FICO score rose to 303, she concluded that the only person who could help backstop her crippled credit was herself. She decided to make a thorough study.

See details of her book here.

After her years of study on consumer’s rights and law which teaches how to repair what is considered as irredeemable, she put into practice the methods she learned.

These practical steps she applied help to wipe off her bad track of low credit and debts. Her credit score was doubled just in a period of 6 months.

The ultimate credit repair guide 2

This technique revealed some underhand information on how the credit bureau works and also how to put a halt to the calls of debt collectors.

Here are some of the things she learned;
• How to accelerate the score of your credit in just 30 days
• What you should avoid when repairing your credit
• How to request for the validation of your debts
• How to substantiate good quality dispute letters with a credit sample
• How to write strategic dispute letters
• The discreditable script called the ‘debt collector call script’

To accelerate your credit, the first thing to do is to know where you stand and have a credit history. Your credit scores won’t start counting until you have opened an account for at least six months.

This book also covers the importance to apply for a secured credit card. The essence of using a secured credit card is that; it requires an amount of money which will stand as a place for a collateral if by chance you miss any sort of payment.

The cash you deposited can serve as a boundary for your credit.

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To have a luxurious credit, acquiring a credit builder loan can be an option you should an option you should take into consideration. They are offered by the credit union. This loan is usually given by small banks. They are usually less than a thousand dollar.

Acquiring a credit builder loan and getting a secured credit card is definitely not the only way to build your credit into a luxurious one. Coupled with that, you should always see to the fact that you have to spend your credit responsibly.

You should avoid making too many inquiries into your credit as it can reduce or even bring detriment to your credit scores. Do not open too many accounts within a short range of time.

The above are just a few of the rich information you stand to enjoy by buying this book. Get yours today.


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