Book review of 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By

Why didn't they teach me this in school

Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?:99 Personal Money Management Lessons to Live By was first created by the author as a way to pass on knowledge to his 5 children once they became adults.

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To what end do colleges and high schools demand of students to learn English, Science, and Maths, while not demanding they learn anything about Personal Money Management?

Whilst this book was being developed, he then noticed that skills like personal money management weren’t taught in colleges, high schools and surprisingly MBA programs. Regrettably, the available material on the subject tended to be long and complicated reads.

This book comprises of 8 pertinent lessons that focus on ninety-nine principles which are sure to quickly become memorable so as to improve the reader’s money management skills.

Unlike the majority of books on personal money management materials available, the contents of this book are quickly and seamlessly comprehended as it concentrates less on the quantitative part and mostly on the qualitative part of personal money management.

The philosophies enclosed aren’t ones from textbooks, instead, the philosophies are ones that have been discovered by the author whilst he explored his life financially. The majority are unconventional so they can be remembered. It is also a great read for any adult, not just as a gift for college and high school grads


Whilst the title might seem at odds but the fact is the author loves children, especially since he has five. Nevertheless, he is being prudent by saying the cost incurred in raising them is surprising. It can be difficult to refuse your children their desires. Every parent wants their children to be happy, and happiness most times means stuff.

Adding the costs incurred in raising children with apparent ones like childcare, education, clothing, food, and healthcare. But things like a bigger house, car, increased utility bills, sports entertainment and other events participated in childhood should not be forgotten to be included in the sum.

The costs incurred in raising and having children can be in the range of $200k to $250k, depending on spending habits and income levels and this is before college expenses.


This doesn’t mean marrying someone with wealth or one that is a finance whiz, it means marrying a person with great financial habits. It is a great quality that is usually ignored in the courting phase.

Usually, the aim is to impress the romantic interest with extravagant dates, expensive dinners, and great gifts.

If something can’t be afforded whilst dating, it most likely can’t be afforded once you are married. It is important to show your spouse your true financial self, and also find out you are shown who she or he is.

It is important not to change your financial habit once you are married and request the same from your partner.


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