Avoid the crushing student loan debt, Jim Cramer says


    Cramer’s plan to avoid crushing student loan debt from CNBC.

    Jim Cramer is a big believer in social mobility, that’s why he is constantly coming out to teach you about the stock market hence his mantra about student loan debt.

    Because certainly, the stock market is, well, the biggest engine of wealth ever created and he wants to help you to be able to use it to make some serious money.

    So for any of you who are parents or thing you will become a parent, keep this in mind….

    He wants to tell you right now that there are very few things you can do for your children that are better than paying for as much of their college education as you can afford.

    We know that college graduates have a much easier time to get a job, especially in our current environment. The economy is growing at a 3 percent rate for the past 3 quarters.

    Fed will follow the economy, economist says from CNBC.

    And we also know that they ought to make more money.

    Rules can vary by state but the 529 plan is very well suitable to save for college. But some aspects may remain the same across all states.


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