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Confessions of a Scholarship Winner: The Secrets That Helped Me Win $500,000 in Free Money for College- How You Can Too!

A guide to just how most students especially You! Can earn scholarships and gain money free of charge for college. 

At the beginning of high school, the mother of Kristina Ellis, a working, single mother whose husband was lost to cancer, told her, she was unable to support her financially after graduation. Kristina was to find a way to pay for university by herself.

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Since Kristina was seen to be a regular student, with not exactly outstanding test scores, she realized she had to endorse herself to the committees handling scholarships, especially if she required to stick out.

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This is the moment she came up with a strategy that led to getting more than Five hundred thousand in scholarships, which as a huge sum was more than sufficient to purchase her total education at a university ranked in the top 20, also enough to take her to a doctoral degree, thereby manifesting her dreams.

The method in which she uses to make this happen, and how readers can also as well, is the sole concentration of the book.

In Confessions of a Scholarship Winner, she shares her little-known secrets to achieve scholarship success all wrapped in an extremely inspiring story.

Together, Kristina and you the reader will discover how to:

  • Locate scholarships that are best for you
  • Explore the secrets of funding college
  • Present an unforgettable impression at scholarship interviews
  • Beat personal obstacles that do appear
  • Develop a plan that shows your strengths, regardless of challenges of financial status faced.
    Confessions of a Scholarship Winner

A number of graduating high school students end up picking the barest minimum in terms of the college experience, whilst gaining a large burden of student loans, or not even getting an education!

You do not need to be an outstanding student, star athlete or an acknowledged leader to be able to see your dreams come true. The tools needed to catch a visualization of your future and make it come true are right here in this book.

For those reading the book, you are able to win scholarships. Don’t fret if your grades are not perfect or you are not exactly known for your athletic prowess.

Don’t even ponder on the financial status of your family, (if you are considered poor, middle class or rich) if it is able to stop you from getting scholarships for college.

There are available scholarships for almost everything. Every single year, hundreds if not millions are granted to students from all walks of life and for numerous reasons. People are getting these scholarships, why can’t it be you?!

How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

As you get closer to advancing from high school, a thought has turned into a dream on going to a wonderful university to gain the renowned college experience.

Regrettably, these dreams do seem brief, when faced with the daunting reality of just how expensive college is. For those look at the



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